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NutriPacks is made up of volunteers that are passionate and hard-working. We invite you to join us! We welcome new volunteers including individuals, businesses, school groups/teams, organizations and more. 

Many of our volunteer positions require physical activity:

  • Unloading trucks:  handling cases of food including heavy canned goods and large/awkward sized boxes of cereal, refrigerated and frozen items, crates of milk

  • Loading shelfs:  opening / cutting cardboard cases, loading food onto shelfs, breaking cardboard down for recycling, loading recycling and trash dumpster from carts in all weather

  • Packing backpacks:

    • Walking while loading bags from shelves.

    • Loading packed bags, up to 12 lbs, onto distribution shelfs.

  • Delivering backpacks to schools: loading and unloading 12 lbs packs in car or van.


There are some activities that are less physically taxing:

  • Distribution of bags at schools.

  • Check in desk on distribution day at CD Middle School.

Volunteers are required to obtain criminal and child abuse clearances prior to participating in activities.



Sign up to help:







We are always looking for people to organize food drives or bring other volunteer ideas forward. To get involved in other ways, please contact us!



May 2023


The Faithful Friday Warriors are our May Volunteers of the Month for NutriPacks. These ten volunteers arrive faithfully every Friday morning at 7:30 am to unload 5-8 pallets of food from the our Central Food Bank truck delivery. They open cartons to stock our shelves and set up all menu items for the Wednesday Pack of over 600 bags each week.  These wonderful volunteers also recycle every piece of cardboard and plastic wrappings each week.... all with outgoing, comical comradery spirits and hearts of gold.  Thank you Ken, Jim, John, Matt, Doug, Mary, John, Matt, Barry, Ken, Dennis and Jay!

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